Fleet Commonality

The Boeing 777-300ERSF is the only large freighter aircraft that offers a significant level of operational commonality with the Boeing 777-200LRF. In addition, it can operate seamlessly alongside the Boeing 777-300ER.

In both cases, the Boeing 777-300ERSF can be inducted with minimal additional investment and minimal operational burden. This commonality allows operators to simplify their fleets and benefit from the associated cost efficiency.

Boeing 777-300ERSF
Key Commonalities

Same Aircraft Type

No unique simulator training is needed for flight crew

~90% Commonality

With spare parts & tools

Same Engine

100% commonality with Boeing 777-300ER/200LR/200LRF fleets

Same Aircraft Type

>90% commonality in mechanical tasks

>95% Commonality

With ground support equipment (i.e. no simulator training)

Same Pallets & Containers

100% commonality providing seamless interlining