Reaching New Altitudes
in Air Freight

AerCap and Israel Aerospace Industries Group (IAI) have come together to reshape the air cargo world of long-haul, large widebody freighters. The Boeing 777-300ER is the most successful widebody passenger variant in aviation history, with more than 800 aircraft delivered. Now, the renowned performance of the most capable widebody ever built is coming to cargo operators with the Boeing 777-300ERSF ‘The Big Twin’. It is perfectly suited to today’s demands with more volume, greater cost efficiencies and range, and commonality.

Introducing the B777-300ERSF - The Big Twin

A New Benchmark
For Cargo Operators

Game-changing Economics

Low fuel burn and low capital costs cut operating costs by up to 22% per tonne versus the Boeing 777-200LRF

Range Matching the Boeing 747-400

4,650nm range allows a seamless replacement solution for aging Boeing 747Fs

Easy Capacity Growth

25% more volume than a Boeing 777-200LRF and 15% more volume than a Boeing 747-400BCF

GE90 Efficiency

The world’s most powerful in-service engine enables the Boeing 777-300ERSF to achieve 21% lower fuel burn per tonne than the Boeing 747-400F

Unmatched Versatility

Low capital cost enables class-leading efficiency even with utilization below 2,500 flight hours per year

Boeing 777 Commonality

Allowing for a single passenger and cargo operation for existing Boeing 777 operators, facilitating the retirement of a freighter sub-fleet

The Big Twin Partnership

AerCap and IAI have joined forces to develop a unique solution for aircraft feedstock and conversion capability, with the support of AerCap Engines and GE Aviation for ongoing engine support solutions.

About AerCap

AerCap is the global leader in aviation leasing with one of the most attractive order books in the industry. AerCap serves approximately 300 customers around the world with comprehensive fleet solutions. AerCap is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (AER) and is based in Dublin with offices in Shannon, Miami, Singapore, Memphis, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Seattle, Toulouse and other locations around the world.

About IAI

IAI’s experience and reputation in conversion programs include the Boeing 747, 767, 737NG, and 737 families. Throughout their decades-long relationship, these industry leaders have partnered on more than sixty conversions, including 747, 767, and 737 freighters.